Reflexive Pronouns- Unit 1(Ticket to English1)

Reflexive Pronouns

reflexive (adj.) [grammar]: reflecting back on the subject, like a mirror
We use a reflexive pronoun when we want to refer back to the subject of the sentence or clause. Reflexive pronouns end in "-self" (singular) or "-selves" (plural).
There are eight reflexive pronouns:

Look at these examples:

the underlined words are NOT the same person/thing
REFLEXIVE pronouns
the underlined words are the SAME person/thing
Karim saw me. I saw myself in the mirror.
Why does he blame you? Why do you blame yourself?
Sarah sent him a copy. John sent himself a copy.
Ahmed sent her a copy. Mary sent herself a copy.
My dog hurt the cat. My dog hurt itself.
We blame you. We blame ourselves.
Can you help my brother? Can you help yourselves?
They cannot look after the babies. They cannot look after themselves.


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