Gerund and Infinitive- Unit 1(Ticket to English)

Gerunds and Infinitives

gerund is a noun made from a verb. To make a gerund, you add "-ing" to theverb.
For example:
--In the sentence "I swim every day", the word "swim" is a verb.
--In the sentence "I like swimming", the word "swimming" is a noun.
Therefore, "swimming" is a gerund.

More examples of gerunds: buying, fishing, running, watching, telling, and so forth.

-- The word "gerund" describes an action, something you do. Gerunds are often used when actions are real or completed.
  • She stopped smoking.
  • I finished doing my homework.
  • They keep on fighting.
  • We discussed moving to Florida.
  • You recommended waiting until tomorrow.
What is an Infinitive?
An infinitive is the basic form of the verb + "to".
Examples: to buy, to fish, to run, to watch, to tell, and so forth.
Example Sentences:
"I want to swim."
Infinitives are often used when actions are unreal, general, or future.
(Note how the main underlined verb relates to unreal, general, or future actions.
  • He offered to sell the house.
  • I refuse to pay!
  • You seem to be disappointed.
  • Kate agreed to come.
  • I hope to see you soon.
  • We agreed never to talk about it again.

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