Contrast and Concession- Unit 8

Contrast versus Concession

Let us begin by understanding the differences between contrast and concession. Here are two examples:

. I used to live in France, but now I live in England.
. Even though I live in France, I work in England.
       . The first example shows a simple contrast. The first sentence, “I used to live in France” indicates my previous place of residence. The second part of the sentence, “but now I live in England”, shows that I now live in another place. The statement contrasts these two different places: the one where I used to live and the one where I live now.
       . In the second example, “Even though I live in France” tells you where I live now. But this sentence contains a surprise for my readers: “I work in England.” When the opposing idea is something readers do not expect or that surprises them, we call it concession.

Examples of the phrases expressing contrast:

1. but:
-- The earth’s atmosphere is made up of mostly oxygen and nitrogen, but Mars’ atmosphere is made of mostly carbon dioxide.
2. while:
-- While a student made a huge mistake in his presentation, none of his classmates said a thing.
3. however:
-- We all agreed to take a trip to France; however, Asmae proposed going to Turkey.
4. in contrast:
-- Our men are the bravest of all. In contrast, the enemy’s men do not have any sense of being brave and dignity.
5. on the other hand:
-- I was very willing to go on a trip with my friends. On the other hand, I was obliged to stay because I wouldn't  miss my brother's wedding. 
6. whereas (usually used to express opposite concepts):
-- We caught a fish, whereas the other fishermen were still struggling!

Examples of the phrases expressing concession:

1. although: 
-- Although they thought they had taken all the issues into consideration, one simple negligence by the secretary caused the whole corporation to collapse!
2. but:
-- He was not the only man involved in the crime, but the judge ruled out his fellow-criminals and set them free.
3. yet:
-- The river is very cold this time of the year. Yet, many of the villagers can be seen swimming it!
4. even though:
-- Even though people consider him an honest person, he does not think of himself that way!
5. though:
-- Though (although) the company has made a lot profit, the condition of the employees is still unimproved.
-- We are the champions, though (but) we will not stop at this!
6. even so:
-- I had a terrible time last year; even so, I could pass the courses with high scores.
7. however:
-- However rich he was, he lived a simple life.
-- We were badly hurt in the accident; however, we had a quick recovery.
8. nevertheless (nonetheless):
-- He was an addict; nevertheless the judge ordered he the custody of the child.
9. on the other hand:
-- He was desperately trying to dump his girlfriend with paying little attention to her. On the other hand, the poor girl was falling more in love with him.
10. despite; in spite of:
-- Despite (in spite of) being old, he decided to go on a tour around the world.
-- Despite (in spite of) the bad injury in the leg, she decided to continue climbing the mountain.
-- Despite (in spite of) the fact that he was old, he managed to travel to more than ninety countries.
11. notwithstanding:
-- Notwithstanding his great riches, he lived a simple life.
-- 12. admitting that:
-- Admitting that he was very rich, he lived a simple life.
13. granting that:
-- Granting that he was very rich,he lived a simple life.

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